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blondie923's Journal

23 September
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~*Bout Me*~

Well my name is Stacey. My nicknames are Stace', Blondie, Tall girl, S dawg, Stacey Wacey and a lot of others!

I go to Davie County High School. Home of the War Eagles hehe!! It*s really boring here so if you are in NC, DO NOT COME TO DAVIE! The only thing we gotz is cow pastures MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! lol Oh yeah and we do say "Y'all" too much! LOL Kel

"I've never talked to anyone that talks like you, your so country!!" hehe!

*I don*t recall giving u a reason 2 hate me*
*But people Like u create their own drama based on 1 purpose*

I have a lot of friends that I <3 so much! Yall are a bunch of the most important people in my life. I don't know where I would be without all of you!

I <3 you Amanda, Brandi, Ashley, Amy, Jenna, Chris, Dana, CJ, Stacey M., Josh, & Justin

Can*t forget about my LJ friends!!

*Kelly~WE GOING TO CALI!!!~Hey Y'all!
*Kristie~Silly goose/Funny bunny hehe
*Robert~My sexy slut!!
*Stephanie~My cuz!
*Brandi~Rich bitches 4 life!

**I do update but you have to add me as a friend first**

*And if you are a liar, fake, ignorant, person...don*t even bother puttin me on your list!*